🔌Snapshot Guide

Step 1: Stop existing service and reset database

sudo systemctl stop nolusd
cp $HOME/.nolus/data/priv_validator_state.json $HOME/priv_validator_state.json
nolusd tendermint unsafe-reset-all --home $HOME/.nolus --keep-addr-book

Step 2: Download nolus data

wget http://nolus-rpc.anyvalid.com/nolus/data_nolus-rila.tar
tar -xf data_nolus-rila.tar -C $HOME/.nolus/data/
rm data_nolus-rila.tar

Step 3: Download nolus wasm directory

wget http://nolus-rpc.anyvalid.com/nolus/wasm_nolus-rila.tar
mkdir $HOME/.nolus/wasm/
tar -xf wasm_nolus-rila.tar -C $HOME/.nolus/wasm/
rm wasm_nolus-rila.tar

Step 4: Restore your priv_validator_state.json file

mv $HOME/priv_validator_state.json $HOME/.nolus/data/priv_validator_state.json

Step 5: Start service and open journal

sudo systemctl restart nolusd
sudo journalctl -u nolusd -f -o cat

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